About Lucy Setters, Clairvoyant Tarot Reader in Hove near Brighton

I was born in Casablanca and came to England when I was five years old. My paternal grandmother was a practicing clairvoyant and medium and I have inherited her gift. As a child I often found that I knew about things before the event, and as is so common as we grow up, I also found it was best not to mention it. However, we all have intuition, and it is a matter of personal choice whether we develop it to assist with our decisions in life.

Twenty five years ago, a friend gave me a deck of Tarot cards – that was in the days when it was common belief that it was bad luck to purchase your own (that is simply not true!). I never looked back, at that time self taught in reading the cards, understanding the imagery and developing my intuition. Eleven years ago I started to sit in circle to develop my psychic and mediumistic abilities. As with most of us, after a while ‘life got in the way’ and I became very embroiled in my successful career working for a global organisation, although I continued with my Tarot readings.

In May 2004 I suffered a debilitating illness which laid me off work for several months, during which time I did an immense amount of inner work and I also joined another psychic development circle, which is now run from my home, on a weekly basis. I also sit in regular mediumship circles.

Whilst I was off work I spent hours each day studying the Tarot, which is my passion. This illness turned out to be a reaction to a vaccination which I had had to have to travel to India for work. To me this was a significant message from the universe to slow down and re evaluate - mine was the only recorded case of this reaction ever! I had lost the use of my right leg for several weeks, which is interesting as the right side of the body represents the male aspect of the psyche, ie business and career matters were deflecting me from my spiritual work.

I have now left the corporate environment and am concentrating on my spiritual work and continue to develop my psychic and mediumistic abilities. In addition to working as a Tarot reader on a one to one basis, I do telephone and online readings. I run various workshops on Tarot and related subjects, also individual tuition on Tarot and intend to use this site to offer online Tarot courses. At this point in my life, I limit my areas of expertise as it is all too easy to become a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’.

My aim is to be, and have a reputation as, a first class psychic and medium who really makes a difference to peoples lives.

My intuition has told me that this is the direction I need to follow. Since I have made this decision it is amazing how many doors have opened for me. If that seems a bit off beam, no apologies, if we set our intent, ask for support and then (the difficult bit) trust and listen to the universe, it will come. Just remember that sometimes it doesn’t come in the way that we expect it, but it comes all the same! The other point to consider is that there is no such thing as coincidence, it’s just that we don’t necessarily hear the messages from the universe.

I am a member of the TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles - www.tabi.org.uk) and also the Spiritual Workers Organisation (www.theswa.org.uk). Both organisations are dedicated to promoting ethics of spiritual work and I abide by their codes of conduct.

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