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Psychic tie cutting - and the power of trust

I had a client a few months ago, Sally (I've changed her name), who came for a Tarot reading. She had never had a Tarot reading before, the closest she had got to all things spiritual was reading her horoscope in the newspaper. She had been brought to me by a friend of hers and it turned out Sally's friend was so poorly with a bad back that she left her with me and went. We sat down and started the reading, I could tell Sally was a bit nervous, as some people are when they haven't had a reading before. I explained how I work and assured her I was not about to tell her terrible news and started to work.

Very soon it became clear that Sally was in a bad way in more ways than one. It turned out she'd been having an on/off affair for years, and I mean years, over twenty. Sally knew this could not go on and it was making her ill to the point that her blood pressure was up to 197/127. This was dangerous to the point that her doctor was worried she would either have a stroke or a heart attack. Poor Sally was in a terrible state and what struck me was her clear desire to do something about it - it was affecting her both emotionally and physically. Some people I find get stuck into the 'oh but I love him' mode and cannot see a way out, but Sally was different. She wanted to get out of this and be happy with her husband and family.

I decided to offer a possible way to resolve this, which was to take her through some energetic tie cutting exercises ,over a period of time, as it was obvious the psychic hooks between her and the third party were massive. This was a bit of an experiment, as I explained, as although I'd gone through the process myself, I had not worked on anyone else. To be honest I think Sally would have tried anything as she sat at my table.

So we arranged that she would visit me the following week and when Sally arrived, we sat down and I explained about psychic protection, psychic hooks and energy work. I told Sally about the power of intent and working with the universe, I could see she was listening to every word. I took her through protection and then a meditation to cut the psychic hooks between her and this man. I was amazed how deep she went and I could also 'see' how hard she was working. When I brought her back, she looked amazing, full of life compared with the heavy person who had walked through my door. I gave her a smoky quartz to hold, to fully ground her, and we had a cup of tea as she told me of her experiences in the meditation. I warned her that she would probably notice a difference in his behaviour over the next week, but not to worry, that would be his energetic shift.

Sally arrived at the due time the following week and she said the contact in the week had been totally different, whereas he'd been sending her at least 5 or 6 text messages a day, and lengthy at that, this week it had been 1 0r 2 and brief. I asked her how she felt and she replied bemused, relieved, disappointed because she had liked hearing from him so much. No surprise there. We went through the meditation again and this time we did another to send love and healing to her husband and to ask the universe to resolve this situation for the highest good. Sally went very deep again and afterwards she said she felt really different and she looked it too.

Sally came for the following two weeks and each time she looked brighter and thought she felt ready to finish it completely. I was going on holiday the following week, so we decided she would come back when I returned. Well, when Sally arrived for that appointment it was obvious I didn't need to do any more. Sally's blood pressure had reduced to 130/70 - her doctor could not believe it!

Sally had even told me that her husband, a man of few words and less so to express affection, held her hand for the first time in years the previous weekend. However she didn't completely cut the relationship, they do have to see each other socially, but the whole emphasis has shifted and she feels able to handle it. At the time of writing this is now 3 months on and she is still much better.

I believe this to be a fine example of faith in universal protection and guidance - from Sally. The transformation is truly incredible. An interesting postscript is how the universe orchestrated this process, had her friend been well enough to stay at the first meeting, no way would she have let this all out and the tie cutting wouldn't have happened. Sally's words, not mine:'If it hadn't have been for you (Lucy)I would be six feet under by now'. I say if it hadn't have been for Sally's faith, trust and intent it wouldn't have happened.




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