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What is Intuition?

I thought I'd write something about intuition because I have worked alot with this subject and run several workshops and seminars. I believe that in this current climate of chaos, the ability to tap into intuition is more important than ever. So what is intuition? In the dictionary you would see something like: 'to notice', 'to pay attention, yes but to what? Those inner thoughts, feelings, hunches, knowings. We have become very reliant on outer stimuli, the data, the facts, the opinions of so called experts rather than listen to our inner selves. When did you last have an intuitive feeling? What was it, did you act on it or not, what was the outcome and how did you feel? so many questions I know, but have a long, hard think about this point.

Generally we use our 5 senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste without a second thought. By that I mean we don't use even these senses to their optimum, we are programmed to 'fill in the gaps' to draw conclusions. How many of us really look, really listen? The first thing to do is to heighten these senses, a good way to do this is to write a few pages, every day, without thinking, go with the flow and do not stop and as you do this, imagine everything you are writing about, the noises, the smells, the sounds and so on. Do not stop because what is happening is that you are tapping into your inner consciousness and not allowing your conscious mind to interfere - something it loves to do! Another good way to heighten your first 5 senses is to be still and really listen, look, smell, feel.You will be amazed at the results as you practice. By heightening your first 5 senses, you are in fact awaking your 6th sense, ie your intuition.

The other important aspect is to learn how to recognise your intuition, we all senses things in different ways, so think of someone who makes you feel good, something you dislike, a nasty taste, something that made you laugh and notice the differeing sensations and also the polarity in sensations. By learning to recognise your intuitive responses, you will be able to discern what is a good decision and what is not. I am serious, with prpactice this can be done. The most successful stockbroker ever, George Soros, who made $650m in one year's trading in the 1990's, claimed that 'I rely alot on animal instincts, when I get the onset of acute pain, I know to check my portfolio'. An extreme example, but nonetheless you cannot deny the results! For this man,he relies on his intuition to tell him when his logic is incorrect and for him, the signal is a physical sensation.

Alot of people will say that intuition is 'imagination' - which is true, in fact, Einstein said that 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'. It is that knowing, that feeling, that sensing. Intuition can be flexed like a muscle through meditation and numerous exercises. This is important because we all tend to be what is termed as left brained or right brained. Left brained people are the logicians, the accountants, scientists who work with the facts and the data. Right brained people tend to be more creative, going with the flow, who find their ideas 'pop in from nowhere'. Right brained people are more intutive types but of course they need some grounding, just as left brained people may be too grounded. If you are left brained, try listening to music, doodling, allow yourself to daydream! If you are right brained, make lists, study the data, pay attention to the detail.

When you are practicing your intuitive development, keep a journal. When you do exercises, record your responses and when so called coincidences occur, make note of that too, and how you were feeling at the time. This is important because our intuition communicates via symbols, words, impressions and we all create our own 'dictionary', over time you can do this and you will find developing your intuition will enhance your decision making. To quote Carl Jung 'I don't believe, I know'.




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