One to One Tarot Card Readings with Lucy Setters in Hove near Brighton

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Cost: £40
(for one hour approx).

If you wish, you can pre-book a Face to Face Tarot reading with me in Brighton right now. Simply click the button below and enter your details to pay securely online by debit / credit card. I will then contact you to arrange an agreeable date.

Alternatively, call me on 0777 171 2288, or email me to make arrangements.

For one to one (face to face) tarot readings in Second Avenue, Hove, near Brighton – call 0777 171 2288 or book an appointment using the Booking Form

When I work during a one to one tarot card reading within the Brighton area, I use several different spreads and specifically ask the sitter not to nod / agree, because I do not want them to leave thinking ‘well, fine, but I told Lucy everything that she told me’. I have a very strong ethic on this. I want the sitter to leave knowing that this information has come via me from Spirit, and not because I have consciously picked up on something and ‘made it fit’.

"Dear Lucy, your reading was astonishing - the insights into my work situation were so accurate and the same cards came back again and again. I felt uplifted and confident in making the right decision with my new venture. Thank you very much!" Gordon, Hove
I work intuitively as I tune in and ask that the sitter interjects only if they feel I am way off track – to date this has never happened. After the first few spreads I will then maybe ask questions to clarify the information that I am receiving, provided the sitter is happy with that. I also use the pendulum to clarify ‘yes/no’ issues, again, only if that is amenable to the sitter.

Quite often Spirit will come close to make themselves known, a departed loved one for example, to confirm their presence on the other side and, as is my belief, is to confirm the nature of the guidance being communicated in the reading. Spirit messages can be validated in interesting ways, for example, the time when I sensed the sitter’s grandmother come through and each time she came close (four times during the reading), my dishwasher bleeped exactly at that moment. It wasn’t even switched on. Electricity is a common and easier way for Spirit to validate itself in our dimension!

It never ceases to amaze me that when I do a reading, the same cards come up again and again. For the scientifically inclined, the statistical odds would be very long indeed!

Please remember also that a Tarot reading is not fortune telling, rather by using intuition to make a psychic connection, I can offer options and guidance to help you with your current situation. If you think about it, it would be bad news to have everything mapped out for us as such lack of empowerment would inhibit our opportunity for personal growth.

In order to manage your expectations, I would like to mention that although I do get information psychically when reading the cards, I do not always get mediumistic information, so when that happens, it’s a bonus! I find that will generally happen when the reader is open minded and already on a spiritual path, however inexperienced, which will strengthen the connection with Spirit.

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