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If you have any questions on spiritual matters, psychic, mediumistic or otherwise (for example can you really read an aura) , please feel free to send them. I can't promise to get to them all, but those I can I will answer here based on my knowledge and experience. If you'd like to send me a question, please use my contact form.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Dear Lucy,
Do you believe in ghosts - I thought I saw my grandmother in my bedroon on the night that she died - was I dreaming? In one way I was scared and in another it was very comforting to think that she came to say goodbye.
PJ, Lewes

Lucy Replied:

Yes, certainly we can see 'ghosts' or rather the spirit energy of those who are departing or departed. In your case I'm sure it was your grandmother coming to say goodbye and also to reassure you that she is alright. This is surprisingly common - were you particularly close? Do you sense any psychic ability on your part - I suspect that you are psychic?

'Ghosts', or spirit energy as I prefer to call it, come through for many reasons - in your case to say goodbye or maybe as in the case of a reading I did a couple of years ago. As I was reading I got an image of a man, I could see him in my third eye,he had his arms crossed and kept saying 'it's not my fault'. He then said he was so sorry for how he had been in life and also for what he did at the end. It turned out to be my client's late husband, who had always blamed everything that happened to him on other people and sadly he took his own life. He had come through to apologise and also to say he was alright.

Ghosts can also 'haunt' properties because they have a particular attachment to a place and/or, they don't realise that they have passed. It's only in very rare cases that these spirits are mischievous, in reality they are stuck and probably need help to move on. Be assured that your grandmother came through with love for you.

Tarot and Numerology
Dear Lucy,
Is it true that Tarot card readings have a link with numerology?
JS, Lewes

Lucy Replied:

Definitely. For example, Aces (1) indicate new beginnings, 2 indicates choices and so on. The cycle of life is reflected in each ascending number. The final number in the suits 10 becomes 1 again and thus the start of a new cycle.

The Major Arcana numbers are also significant and by reducing the double numerals back to a single numeral eg 17 becomes 8) or simply taking note of a single numeral Major card, much depth can be added to the reading.

For example, a preponderance of Aces and 10 cards would indicate a new cycle is coming in for the sitter. Also take note of any sequences in a spread eg 1,2,3, it indicates flow and movement. A preponderance of a particular number in a spread indicates something significant in the reading. For example a lot of 4's appearing would indicate foundations, the need to establish stability or of course the presence of stability depending on the other cards which appear.

Plato and Einstein, to mention just two important scientific philosophers, gave much credence to numerology. Although it is a whole new topic in itself, it is a surprisingly accurate tool to help you understand your life path.

Do crystals have special energies?
Dear Lucy,
Is it true that crystals have certain properties? I have heard that this is the case but how can a piece of rock change your energy field?
CR, Lewes

Lucy Replied:

Crystals were formed by the creation of the earth and are in effect the earth's DNA and hold the records and memory of that creation. Depending on the way they were created, for example under high pressure or by evolving in a deep underground chamber, crystals will have different properties.

For example, hematite is a very dense, grounding stone whereas Selenite, which very fragile (and water soluble) will facilitate connection with the higher realms. Others, such as Amethyst and Quartz amplify energy around you. Black Tourmaline will absorb negative energies (very useful if you are feeling 'got at', but also good for electromagnetic stress). I have advised several businesses on the laying out of crystal to remove electromagnetic stress and static electricity, it has worked every time!

I have been working with crystals for the past few years, trained for the most part by Judy Hall (Crystal Bible) and I have no doubt of their value and function. They can even help with health issues, for example Tanzine Aura Quartz can help with a dysfunctional thyroid. Indeed, there are many professional healers who use crystals as a routine part of their work.

I use crystals with my Tarot work and since I started doing so, I have noticed a significant shift in the clarity of my readings. People always comment on the atmosphere in my home, the energy is fantastic - no doubt due to the amount of crystals I have in place!

If you want to purchase crystals, go to a reputable retailer who knows about these stones. Use your intuition when selecting them, some will jump out at you, others won't, in effect, they choose you! Treat your stones with respect and cleanse them regularly, bearing in mind some are water soluble. Last but not least, bigger is not always better, even tiny stones can hold a huge amount of energy.

What's the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Dear Lucy,
I get confused when people talk about psychics and mediums - what's the difference?
PT, Worthing

Lucy Replied:

A psychic is someone who has developed their 'sixth sense' to link into the collective consciousness. The early stages of psychic awareness are indicated, for example, when you 'know' who is on the end of the phone or you think about someone you haven't heard from in a long time, then you bump into them. With time, effort and patience anyone can develop their psychic ability, in my groups, people often surprise themselves!

A medium is someone who can link into the spirit world and provide evidence of survival. When I work mediumistically I think: C (Who is the Communicator), E (What is their evidence), S (Shared memories ), M (What is their message).

One thing to remember, whilst not all psychics are mediums, all mediums are psychic!

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