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Cost: £40
(for one hour approx).

Your number is needed so I can contact you regarding your appointment. Please remember to include the area code.


For Telephone tarot readings – call 0777 171 2288 or book an appointment using the Booking Form

Sometimes it is not possible for someone to attend a one-to-one reading, but they would like to be talked through the reading by telephone rather than having the reading on-line. Provided we have made a mutually agreed appointment, I am more than happy to do this. It is also better on a landline from a call cost perspective.

"... one the best readings I have ever had, not once did my concentration or attention desert me. Extremely perceptive, sensitive and such a great great help to me at the moment. I feel so much better not just because of the reading but for the warmth and guidance I felt you gave me." AE, Seaford
I tune into the telephone sitter and read the cards exactly as I would in a one-to-one reading. I ask the telephone sitter not to give me any feedback until it is mutually amenable. The major difference of course is that the sitter cannot see the repetition of cards which inevitably happens through the different spreads. I do like people to see that for themselves, however because it is not possible in these circumstances it is down to the sitter to trust me.

"Dear Lucy, your reading was astonishing - the insights into my work situation were so accurate and the same cards came back again and again. I felt uplifted and confident in making the right decision with my new venture. Thank you very much!" Gordon, Hove
I charge £40 for a telephone tarot reading, normally about an hour, you can call me to book a prearranged time for your telephone reading. I will work with you to link in so that you get the maximum benefit from this connection with Spirit. You do have to trust me regarding the cards that come up. Call me to make an appointment.


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