Lucy Setters' Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Below are just a few of the kind words and comments that have been sent to me by my clients. If you'd like to send a testimonial to add to this page, please use the contact form.


After a telephone reading:

I've had 2 readings with Lucy and so far there were a lot of things that happened exactly as she said which is encouraging. Plus I appreciate that she is a realistic lady and gives no false hope but at the same time caring and kind. I do recommend her Tarot readings.

AZ, Nice, France

After a telephone reading:

Thanks for the wonderful reading. Not only was it really accurate but it really helped me to find 'the eye of the storm' that has been my emotional life for the past few weeks. I am relieved to receive such strong confirmation as to my life path. It is now up to me to honor it with my entire mind, body and soul. Thanks again

TC, Texas

After a Numerology reading:

Absolutely fascinating. I think this is an amazingly accurate and helpful exercise. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me. You should definitely do this alot - you are very good!

SB, Hants

After a Numerology workshop:

Very well thought out and left room for manoeuvre and suggestions. Excellent.

SS, Brighton

I've just listened to the tape. What a great reading you gave me- all connected to what's going on for me, the mediumship evidence was all spot on. I really respect and like your honesty. I'll come again in a couple of months or so. Thanks again.
ST, Brighton

Hi Lucy, I just wanted to thank you. I met with you for the second time just before Christmas and I was in such a relationship dilemma and you allowed me to confirm what I already knew and had just tried to avoid. I had just got married however had feelings for someone else, very tricky, however your reading enabled such guidance. It has been so incredibly accurate, I wish I could see you every day!
LR, Brighton

After a Tarot workshop:

Very well explained in laymans terms I can understand. Very good, much enjoyed, when is the next one?

JR, Hove

After a Numerology workshop: Best workshop I have been on. Great topic, great day.
CS, Burgess Hill

After an online reading:

Thank you very much for the reading. Everything you wrote is so true...when I read it I felt as if you were 'watching' not only my life, but my mind and my heart. You are amazing. Knowing all that will make it easier to get over it.

EK, Brighton

Following an online reading: Thank you so much for such a full and interesting reading. You have,yet again,knocked my socks off.
JF, Hastings

I recently had a telephone reading with Lucy. She was extremely accurate and sensitive to my needs. Everything I hoped to be covered was. Lucy has a real and genuine talent.
JL, West Sussex

After a Tarot workshop:

Enjoyed every minute. Hope i remember it all!

MJ, Hastings

After a Tarot workshop:

I want to thank you so much for such a lovely inspiring and educational day last Saturday, it was really great and you are such a good teacher making what could be quite a daunting subject easily approachable and fun.

CP, Hastings

Thank you so much for my recent reading. I could not believe how accurate you were, the same cards kept appearing in every spread. You have given me my faith back in what I'm doing and now knowing I am on the right path has put my mind at rest. I can thoroughly recommend your excellent and astounding readings and have done so already.
MB, Lancing

After an online reading:

It's been very helpful and I haven't given up hope, I shall be in touch soon for another reading concerning work and shall definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks Lucy I am so impressed and extremely grateful. Best wishes.

LH, Surrey

Dear Lucy, Thank you again for a wonderful wonderful reading. You're quite a lady! Much love, Natalie
NS, Brighton

I'm writing to say thank you for a magical reading (I really was impressed - it blew my socks off to be honest!) and to ask how one goes about getting further advice/readings. Thank you thank you thank you!
JC, Shropshire

Hi Lucy, Thank you very much for the reading today, it was brilliant! I know sometimes readings are not always so positive, but I am very happy and impressed how smack on you were, and I will enjoy the moment of such a great reading. I feel very positive our paths have crossed and here's to the future.
MB, Brighton

After an intuition workshop:

...you are going to get tired of me emailing you about how shocked and overwhelmed I am each time I come to you - yesterday was just amazing!I learnt so much and it seems my writers block has disappeared - thank you!

KO, West Sussex

Following an online reading:

Hi Lucy, Thank you for your email. It was very encouraging and quite amazing that your reading picked up on things that are so prominent in my life at the moment. This has certainly spurred me on to follow my dream thank you for your encouragement. Kind regards

PC, Portsmouth

Following online reading:

Hi Lucy, Thanks for the reading, I was moved to tears by the final two paragraphs, they really struck a chord.....As for the 'guru' role you see me in - I am a secondary school teacher - which you correctly identified - and the path I would like to go down is in the role of advisor or trainer. Something else which also stood out was the health issues..I now feel the healthiest I have in a long time. Once again, so many thanks.

LN, Littlehampton

This was following a telephone reading: Thank you so much for the reading you did for me the other day. Yet again it was reassuring and appeared spookily accurate and consistent with the previous one. Thank you for that, I always come away feeling 10 times better than what I did before we started and assured with the choice of path i have chosen to follow.
BF, Eastbourne

Hi Lucy, Just wanted to say an absolute heartfelt thank you. I guess things in my life have been directionless lately but now I can see that I will be able to achieve stability. Please feel free to use any parts of my email for your site. I honestly meant all of it. Jane x
JM, Hove

Comment on feedback form following day workshop:

Lucy explained everything clearly and made the day very enjoyable

AH, Hastings

Comment on feedback form following day workshop:/n/nVery good combination of encouraging own ideas and thoughts but also giving guidance and support.
AD, Portslade

Comment on feedback form following day workshops:

Fantastic, eye opening class. Excited about learning more

JP, Hove

Hi Lucy, You read for me and my friends at our party. It was great fun, it made our evening really different and we were all amazed at how our readings were so different, yet relevant to each of us. I will definitely recommend you and look forward to another evening in six months time. Thank you!
SE, Hove

This was following an online reading:

Hi Lucy. Thank you SO much for sending this through to me (and so quickly too!) You were absolutely right - I did wonder if my question was a bit vague - and you have totally picked up on everything I was trying to ask! I guess my problem is I am drifting - stuck in the past but too afraid of the future perhaps! Thank you for putting me in your healing box.

I think maybe it would be a good idea to have a one to one reading with you - do you get very booked up in advance?

JP, Hove

Dear Lucy, Its nearly a week ago that I came to see you on a one to one reading.Already, my confidence has soared, and I'm able to move forward with my life, and making decisions that not long ago seemed impossible.Thank you for all your kindness.Jean.x
JB, Sompting

Hi Lucy.

I just had to write and thank you for Saturday morning - I really enjoyed the lesson and reading.

I feel I have learnt more from you than any book I have read.

Again thank you so much and I look forward to hearing when the next tarot course will be.

RH, Haywards Heath

Hello Lucy. Thank you so much for my reading earlier. As I said to you it had to be one the best readings I have ever had, not once did my concentration or attention desert me. Extremely perceptive, sensitive and such a great great help to me at the moment. I feel so much better not just because of the reading but for the warmth and guidance I felt you gave me.
AE, Seaford

I contacted Lucy to work at a corporate event for a major UK retailer. Her professionalism and accuracy were commented on by senior executives whom she read for, who were quite shocked by her insights! I will certainly use her services again.
Events Boss, Brighton

Dear Lucy, your reading was astonishing - the insights into my work situation were so accurate and the same cards came back again and again. I felt uplifted and confident in making the right decision with my new venture. Thank you very much!
Gordon, Hove

Hi Lucy, I came for a Tarot reading at the end of July. I’ve been training as a Montessori teacher but working in an office. You said that I would soon be signing a contract and that I was being divinely protected to stay on the new pathway. Anyway, I got offered an assistant’s job at the school out of the blue, so you were right. You said I was being propelled on this path and not only did I get the assistant’s job but the teacher I’m working with is pregnant, which means I’ll be qualified just as she leaves. You never know, I may get her job! Thanks for being so accurate! X
Giselle, Hove.

I had already met Lucy, only very briefly, when I went to her for a reading. As I arrived she made me feel very welcome and all about the reading was amazing. Lucy picked up on many things going on in my life; work, love life, state of mind, personality, etc.

However, the most extraordinary thing happened as we were getting ready for the reading. As we both sat Lucy told me she could feel a very strong energy around me. She told me she felt it was a male 'spirit' energy. She also added it was someone like an uncle figure from my mother’s side, not directly related. Someone to whom I was not particularly close in life. With all the details I was given, I could already only think of one person, but when Lucy gave me the name I just could not believe it. My uncle had come through to let me know he was there with me to support me and help me through my struggles.

It was all so beautifully overwhelming I became very emotional. I was astonished by it completely!

Lucy is a very sensitive, caring and lovely person and I would definitely recommend a reading with her.
AE, Hove

I went to Lucy for a reading when I knew that a very stressful occurrence was about to happen in my life. However it was not something I wanted to ask about at that particular time and so, before the reading, I asked the universe if it could reveal something about my life which was not necessarily linked to my worries. Lucy gave me a reading which reflected a fairly new path I am currently undertaking in my life and both validations and positive divinatory information came through repeatedly on the same subject. Lucy took the time to carefully explain to me how the cards kept re-affirming these issues for me. Because she uses several different spreads it is both encouraging and comforting to see how the messages keep repeating themselves.

I indirectly got validation for the issue I still have to face when Lucy showed me how the cards revealed a strong support system around me and that was all I needed to help me face the future that day. I was thrilled and uplifted by my reading. Lucy is highly professional but completely compassionate. She immediately put me at my ease and I felt relaxed and comfortable in the tranquil surroundings.
LT Brighton

I had a reading with Lucy and she picked up on the issues I had been encountering with my relationship. I was in a bad place and to be honest I had been kidding myself. During the reading the nature of my partner’s behaviour became all too apparent, plus Lucy also picked up on my recent change of home. She brought out aspects of my personality which boosted my confidence and helped me to see my situation in a more positive way and that I did not need to be a ‘victim’. Lucy was very compassionate and considered in her reading for me. I would definitely recommend a reading with Lucy.
RS, Horsham

Lucy’s reading was profound, not least because my uncle and late husband came through with messages very specific to my relationship with both of them. Lucy had no idea that I was widowed or how my husband had passed. I was at the time very anxious about a particular relationship, and wanted it to work, and each time Lucy said ‘No, this isn’t it’, she turned out to be right!
EL Shoreham-by-Sea

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