Why Lucy Setters works with Tarot in Hove near Brighton

Tarot is a fantastic tool for developing intuition by linking the conscious and unconscious mind. For example, focussing on a single card during meditation can, over time, develop our ability to link into the universal collective consciousness and intuitively understand what is happening in our lives. That in turn will increase empowerment, that is, to recognise opportunities and challenges so that we can make more informed decisions in our lives.

The Major Arcana (Greater Secrets) relates to major events in our lives, taking us through a complete cycle, starting with the Fool, an optimistic individual who is eager to start on this particular journey, and ending with the World, where we see completion and of course, where the next cycle begins. The Minor Arcana (Lesser Secrets) reveals more about the day to day events in our lives and the influences going on around us. So in reading the Major and Minor cards together, the symbolism of the cards will reveal great insights into the influences in the sitter’s (sometimes known as the querant) life at the time of the reading.

Divination, or fortune telling, is the most commonly recognised use of Tarot and indeed, by intuiting the message that is ‘hidden’ within the cards, a reading can provide guidance at certain points in our lives when we feel ‘stuck’. Please remember that it is not set in stone, as of course we all have free will, but an experienced, ethical reader will be able to provide the sitter with options and insights into opportunities and challenges at that time.

The significance of the way in which cards which appear in a spread is important. For example, if many cards of a particular suit or multiple court cards appear, then that will influence the reading. Similarly if a high number of Major Arcana cards appear in a reading, that will indicate major issues for the person at that time and adds weight to the importance and complexity of the situation.

In September 2007 I joined TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles), an organisation dedicated to raising the standards and ethics of Tarot reading in the UK and internationally.

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