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I run Tarot and Intuition workshops in Hove near Brighton.

Tarot and Intuition workshops with LS Clairvoyant in Hove near Brighton
Tarot is a fantastic tool for developing Intuition and I run day workshops which I entitle 'Fundamentals of Tarot', the logic being that I cover the fundamentals, to help students get up to speed as soon as possible and thereby start intuitively reading the cards.

Developing Intuition and Psychic Abilities
I also run workshops on developing Intuition and psychic abilities using a variety of tools and exercises depending on the mix of the group, to develop energetic links within the group and when working in pairs. Everyone gets a chance to test and develop their intuitive and psychic abilities in a safe and supportive environment, sharing the experience with likeminded people. We all have this ability and as with any other skill with practice it can be developed.

I also run regular development circles to provide the opportunity for ongoing development. If you have any queries please contact me for further details.


Workshops and Dates - Full Details

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